Irrigation & Water Conservation

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California's drought has drastically impacted and continues to affect the approach to landscaping, water management and conservation. Conserve LandCare offers a variety of water management services to fit your property, budget, and goals while providing a return on your investment. Our services include: water audits, water bill analysis, turf conversions, drought tolerate plant palette designs and irrigation retrofits.

Turf conversions restore landscape to their natural environment, reduce long-term water use and maintenance expenses. They also refresh and enhance a tired landscape while giving property a boost in curb appeal and value.

Our water management team is skilled in working with customers to comply with consumption restrictions and avoid penalties. Irrigation professionals are trained in the use of state of the art technology to improve efficient delivery of water while saving money and resources.

Your dedicated account manager will keep you up to date with current water restrictions and guidelines, government mandates, and turf removal rebates.

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