Smart Irrigation Month

Good to Know

Money Saving Advice

Jul 2, 2013

Did you know July is Smart Irrigation Month?    

Smart Irrigation Month is a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use.  July is traditionally the highest demand month for outdoor water use and the campaign highlights simple practices and innovative technologies to:

  •  Minimize overwatering while keeping lawns and landscapes beautiful and healthy.
  •  Save money on utility bills.
  •  Help protect community water supplies for today and the future.

Things you can do to help save water

  1. Have a water audit performed on your property to make sure water is being used effectively and the irrigation system is operating efficiently.

  2. Install a Smart Controller that uses real-time weather data and soil moisture sensors to automatically adjust watering to meet plant needs.

  3. Retrofit and modernize old irrigation systems.

  4. Replace lawn areas with desert plant material.