Palm Desert HOA Saved $400 on One Month's Water Bill

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Dec 6, 2012

For numerous homeowners associations, businesses and agencies budget cuts are arduous challenges that have to be addressed. Managers and owners must analyze their expenses and research ways to cut costs. That's just what one HOA in Palm Desert did recently. They decided to look into saving money on their property's water bill.

Portola Village's property manager recently consulted with Conserve Landcare's Randy Mitchell, account manager for the property on water saving options. After reviewing the possibilities and details, they decided on a smart controller system. Conserve LandCare provided and installed the smart system which included a wireless weather station, smart irrigation controller, and communicator antenna. After fine tuning, their recent water bill had a savings of $400 for one month's usage. They are looking forward to future savings.

How the system works:

The 5" wireless weather station measures and records the high and low temperatures, evapotranspiration, precipitation, and other weather conditions. The controller operates similarly to a traditional controller except that it receives the data from the weather station, adjusts itself based on preprogrammed settings and communicates this information through the antenna to the account manager.

An in-depth preprogramming process is performed on the controller for each valve to include the planting type (turf, shrubs, and trees), soil type, the degree of slope and various other factors which affect irrigation requirements. This is a crucial step in optimizing the system for maximum savings. The controller is now able to respond to the data received from the weather station by adjusting watering times, frequency, and can shut the entire system off due to rain or other factors.

By logging into the system, the account manager monitors daily water usage, start and stop run times, and can make adjustments remotely without having to visit the site. Email alerts are sent to the account manager when the system makes any adjustments.

Call us today to find out more about this smart controller system and start saving money!