Employee Christmas Party 2017

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Dec 21, 2017

Employee Christmas Party 2017

The ingredients in a fun employee Christmas party might surprise you.  The essentials include grilled carne asada & chicken tacos, games that have the participants & audience bursting with laughter, employee awards recognizing excellent work, raffle prizes that bring a smile to a face, and the secret ingredient - a staff clown.   It is the perfect recipe for a fun Christmas party which is what took place last Friday at Conserve LandCare.  Generous vendors donated raffle items including televisions, children's bicycles, toys, appliances, tools, and gift cards.  A big thank you to:  Herc Rentals, United Rentals, BlueLine Rentals, A&F Growers, Macias Nursery, B&M Equipment, High Tech Irrigation, Imperial Sprinkler Supply, Tri-State Materials, and Stotz Equipment for their donations.