Better Planning = Smart Planting

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Jul 31, 2013

Additional tips to consider during Smart Irrigation Month and every month.

  • Work with your local climate and choose native plants.
  • Plan your irrigation zones carefully. Irrigation zones are areas that are watered by the same irrigation valve and  plumbing. Install extra connections now for future expansion and changes.
  • Examine planting sites for wind and sun exposure, both increase water consumption. Consider special use areas, if any.
  • Group plants based on their water needs. This helps protect plants from over-watering and under-watering by allowing for customized watering zones.
  • Minimize turf areas. Turf typically requires more water than many groundcovers, shrubs, and trees. Plant turf where it will be utilized and enjoyed.
  • Install "smart" controllers that automatically adjust watering based on evaporation, soil moisture, and rain.
  • Plant shade trees for a little natural cooling. They will help lower soil temperatures and reduce soil moisture loss.

A desert landscape conversion doesn't mean you're "stuck" with only members of the cacti family.  There is a large palate of  attractive, desert plant material that can help reduce your landscape water consumption.

Browse through CVWD%u2019s  list of desert plant material in their Lush and Efficient Book.